The Law Office of Candace O’Brien is a virtual law practice specializing in Assisted Reproductive Technology law including drafting and review of surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation and sperm donation agreements. For those pursuing international surrogacy arrangements, Candace provides immigration services.

Candace O’Brien’s communication with clients is conducted over the internet, phone and fax. This means that you can expect to have the speed and convenience of online transactions to fit your busy lifestyle. By offering legal services online, Candace O’Brien can streamline the legal process for you, making it an affordable and efficient alternative for solving your issues. Because this law practice is virtual, Candace does not have the overhead costs associated with traditional law firms. The Law Offices of Candace O’Brien is able to pass these savings to clients, keeping legal fees affordable and access to the legal system possible to more people.

Candace O’Brien is committed to providing you with the most AFFORDABLE, professional legal services in the area of assisted reproductive technology. Candace offers individualized services that best meet your needs regardless of whether you are working with an attorney, agency or independently.